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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
международный отель мира Южной чангарет (Galactic Peace International Hotel Nanchang), гостиница находится в торговом центре золотого участка Наньчан - площадь 1 - й авеню, южная улица, 10 - й, с восемью и восемью площадь кипит человек, проходимая по всем дорогам.отель находится недалеко от вокзала, всего 30 минут езды от международного аэропорта чанбэй, крупные торговые, внешнеторговые, банковские и другие учреждения близки друг к другу, как можно больше пользы, чтобы собрать городской пейзаж, держать пульс эпохи.отель имеет международный уровень гостеприимства.гостиница золотой лист зелёная туристическая гостиница золотой лист , удостоилась в апреле 2012 года премии Венера .дизайн отеля

осуществляется знаменитыми дизайнерами из - за рубежа, в соответствии с современными европейскими стилями, дизайн оригинальные, изящные, изысканные, Необычные манеры, природа, очарование, таяние и культура человека.Общая площадь гостиничного комплекса составляет около 50 тыс. кв. м.уникальный китайский ресторан, банкетный зал, Западный ресторан и другие могут принять более 2000 человек за один раз, в 12 разных залах заседаний и 512 квадратных метров большого банкета может принимать самые разнообразные банкет, Международный семинар, бизнес - конференцию, выставку, церемонию открытия и другие мероприятия. в настоящее время наньчан имеет большую возможность принимать гостей.в отеле есть все удобства для отдыха, есть уникальная воздушная сеть, закрытый бассейн, спа - салон, КТ - клуб, фитнес - центр, шахматная комната, салон красоты, парикмахерская ванна, сауна и массаж, в том числе интернет - услуги WIFI во всех углах отеля.персонал отеля будет придерживаться 'I - CAN - DO' концепции обслуживания, предоставлять клиентам высококачественные услуги.

постоянно стремится к совершенству, строгое, эффективное управление и искреннее обслуживание, чтобы предоставить гостям в море и за его пределами теплый дом вне дома.независимо от того, бизнес ли вы, или туристический отпуск, здесь вы можете почувствовать галантерею.
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  • linlim
    To the hotel at 10 o'clock in the evening, very helpful concierge staff Wen Hongxia stepped forward to greet, guide services, and help us take back luggage room, very professional and made us feel very warm.
  • raptoreagle
    So so
  • bbclub
    Is once again staying at the hotel recently. Building b, room, toilet, clean spacious. praise! will live in the future.
  • eee111
    And we think it's great
  • dvd2rmvb
    Store is very good, very satisfied, complete commercial, supermarket, restaurant a few blocks are primarily within 500 meters, will be able to meet their basic needs.
  • i616161
    Nanchang good hotel
  • RIverJean
    Good location, new hotel facilities, reasonable prices, it is worth staying
  • evamo
    The external environment is a bit poor
  • aa123458
    Hotel facilities General
  • moris2006
    Yes, very close to the train station, the traffic is very convenient
  • badibaby
    Nice, nice, Nice.
  • bbxysp
    Restaurant service
  • spiny
    Great praise
  • annie_311911
    Clean, warm service, and to foreign waiter. rich breakfast would be nice.
  • melaine520
    Service is good, which are very tight, account of hotels is booming. yidianshi not pleased but, we just recently when some pornographic cards come in the door, and picked up my daughter asked me what. as a 5-star hotel, and elevator access to brush, I wonder if the hotel staff.
  • e00281913
    In addition to room hotels, good, especially service. Concierge Guo night helped to buy cold medicine, soup is also very intimate ... thank you!
  • a611015
    A good hotel at a convenient location.
  • cunningpigw
    Convenient, good location, health and service was good
  • adaili
    Main good. transportation is convenient.
  • Lauryn
    Yes, all aspects are satisfied, next to Nanchang chose to live here
  • footballo
    Very happy, to early, give free upgrades that did not clean well, the room was spacious and comfortable, the service as well, breakfast is terrible, people more food and less, well, tourist season so well, in short or recommendation-
  • ivy_lou
    Transportation is convenient, the room is spacious, clean, service good, breakfast was good, the price was worth it!
  • E01065131
    Very good
  • lilyyang
    It's not bad
  • rosesrain
    Well, so many times to Nanchang, not jialaite is live across the classic, services and facilities are top notch.
  • jerryform
    Hotel very easy ~
  • edwin80_wu
    Staying has two days, hotel of service to we a too more of surprise and not homes, although I live had many luxury five-star hotel, hotel of equipment although not is advanced, but this can is I see had of service Kan bihao car session of 'Rolls Royce' hotel, has international of management standard. from hotel door up on feel to has Hall Mr Guy polite, is enthusiasm with we greeted. Xia taxi Shi, to door nursing with you head, also copy got off grades, original is fear if carGo has Hou you found lost has things find. that gestures action really enough professional! a into to lobby on has bit Beautiful Girl welcome bin smile bow salute sent we to front desk check-in, whole of with stewardess sample of! which can see Concierge Department of excellent management. with we Shang room of Bellman gudaoguo, Exchange in the even I cold has also listening to out has proposed to don't to I a cup ginger ~~ let I moved of Ah! to room Hou, returned to toI a Zhang 'golden key' family service card. said is has any needs can directly call card of phone. service is too wife intimate has. second days morning, we to since driving to Lushan play, in lobby of when Concierge Ouyang not only put driving most convenience of route figure for we making out has, also to he said of a 'treasure box' in the took has ginger tablets, motion sickness drug, environmental bags, mineral water, also has day of various newspaper including he of card! to weAnd has been sent we car, said (regardless of you are in shop within also is shop outside, are is we 'Ka' of family, if in journey in the has any problem are can contact I, I very willing to for you service)! Ah, I of MOM Ah not with so whole of's! at almost didn't moved of I flow tears Ah Ah Ah. afternoon we back Hotel Shi with has many specialty wants to mailing home in to friends of, Concierge golden key golden key, listening to I said Hou, immediatelyArrangements has personnel for free we with carton package good, handle mailing has. is too human has. was no said, management absolute overtaking international brand hotel of, service is I by live had of most kind natural of hotel, not like other some luxury five-star hotel, service are with a affectation of stiff. hope continues to keep this warm of service spirit can said has adhering to with China star hotel services of model hope hotel in international of process in the, don't lost has hotel has been faithFrom the bottom of the sincere service.
  • bambooeer
    Hotel location is located in the city center, larger rooms, basic living room is relatively big, good bathroom, where you can take a bath with a view, there is a huge tub, but not dare to use ... the only bad thing about is standard room without breakfast. quilt at the hotel clean, staff is excellent, Nanchang, have the opportunity to travel, also will stay.
  • ivy2220
    Associates provides very good
  • e02893226
    Stayed many times, the service was good, bathroom design a little regret.
    Service is very good, Zheng Xiaomei in business center guest service warm, deep, reminder for guests is quite a place, nice! great! breakfast a bit monotonous, it is worth staying!
  • aiwojdf
    certo il caffè non è proprio italiano però il resto è di qualità. camere pulite e spaziose, wifi eccellente
  • beatriceb
    It wasn't too bad
  • amorenino
    Business preferred, praise
  • beanly
  • e01625746
    Which is very nice
  • e02178779
    It's OK
  • gdltwy
    Near from the railway station, in the city center.
  • guoyuenjau
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, the room was clean, service OK
  • yjx1868
    Always good!
  • IC368
    Facilities and layout of the room was not very warm
  • alexs
    All right
  • lcmumu82
    Near the train station here, away from the square, but the outdated facilities
  • beaubo
    It's not bad
  • angle2005tb
    Are satisfied with the hotel, good facilities, toilet, Super, restaurant opposite the hotel is very convenient, the taste is very good.
  • gangdong
    clean, good service, decent western menu and friendly staff
  • e00250121
    Service, as always, well, Nanchang taxis now truly inconvenient
  • busimao
    Good location, very close to the train station, mainly service very good, highly recommended.
  • abgemini
    Is quite good, but good is Windows, early in the morning across the music loud as hell.
  • pollution
    Which is very nice