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Galactic Peace International Hotel Nanchang is located at No. 10 Plaza South Road, Bayi Avenue, a prime commercial district in Nanchang. The hotel is close to the railway station and only 30 minutes drive from Changbei International Airport. Large commercial, foreign trade, banking and other institutions are within easy reach. Enjoy the convenient location, gather the style of the city, and grasp the pulse of the times.

LacticGalactic Peace International Hotel Nanchang is a business hotel with a world-class reception standard. On April 7, 2009, the hotel was awarded the Golden Leaf-level Green Tourist Hotel, and in April 2012, it was awarded the Golden Star Award.

LacticGalactic Peace International Hotel Nanchang is designed by a well-known foreign designer. It upholds the modern European style. The design is original, elegant and exquisite. The total building area of the hotel is about 50,000 square meters, and the buildings A and B are perfectly natural. Unique Chinese restaurants, banquet halls, and western restaurants can receive more than 2,000 people at one time. Twelve conference halls with different patterns and a 512-square-meter grand banquet hall can undertake various large-scale banquets, international seminars, business meetings, Receptions, exhibitions, opening ceremonies and other activities are the hotels with the highest reception capacity in Nanchang.

The hotel has a full range of entertainment facilities, including unique aerial tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, spas, KTV clubs, fitness centers, chess and card rooms, beauty salons, steam baths, sauna massages, of which WIFI wireless Internet service runs through the hotel Corners. Hotel staff will adhere to the service concept of 'I CAN' and provide high-quality services to guests.

Continuous pursuit of excellence, with rigorous, efficient management and sincere service to provide a warm home away from home for guests at home and abroad. Whether you are on a business trip or a holiday, you can feel the hospitality of Galette here.
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  • E04022561
  • david_w323
    Which is very nice
  • e01239142
    Environment is so bad
  • e01054680
    Travel will be selected here, have always felt good
  • duobuladuo
    Good good good good good good
  • popxyingx
    Leaving would come
  • liang132
    Good good good good good good good good good
  • ERIC baby
    Hotel restaurant on the first floor of Jiangxi cuisine is very characteristic, just something generally do not disappoint. I selected this hotel is at the hotel's meal. of course, hardware decoration and soft services are remarkable in Nanchang, established five-star hotels. Amway is worth this hotel.
  • relative660
    The location was excellent, but breakfast is not included and the water temperature was very low.
  • ggww111
    Live here all the time, it's wicked!
  • taurusyvonne
    Very good, recommended!
  • loveyuu
    Is the bed uncomfortable, 30 degrees so a hot day blanket too thick it? pursuit and cleaning staff at 10 o'clock in the morning, waking nibbling bed.!
  • unsuns
    Check-out time is too early
  • Min na
    Proximity to the train station, and convenient transportation, good hotel services.
  • e01369681
    Very nice hotel ... highly recommended!
  • gat007
    All right
  • e03535854
    Came to your hotel, door handsome small guy enthusiasm active of help I took luggage, this is I to had of five-star hotel in the service is most enthusiasm of, for I handle staying of is front desk beauty 'Wen Hongxia' ladies, smile sweet, cute very has. due to Midway forget with Apple 6 charger, temperature beauty enthusiasm of will she himself of charger lent I charging, really of very thanks, through and she chat learned that now Hotel Chinese also launched Hunan series, this is I very love eat of. last thanks gold keyKey Concierge, pretty boy to help us arrange a taxi. worthy of five-star hotel service is excellent.
  • busyman1207
    Rooms are too old, not five-star service without! air conditioning no effect! not later
  • cupidcc
    Comfort and good service, price concessions, home away from home!
  • e01174861
    Good service, convenient traffic around the
  • citysteven
    Very convenient
  • xin_yu
    Nice hotel, service very good, rich breakfast, less is the TV channel signal is bad
  • feng121781888
    Come back?! uu
  • aijiantao
    Still good
  • E01320091
    Which is very nice
  • e00884723
    Hotel is great, the service is also in place. breakfast buffet good. convenient. satisfaction!
  • apple4573
    Nice, but a little Chao
  • e01087677
    Hotel is very good, is not next to the business district, food to go so far. service sincere praise
  • magic0812
    Deng Chen-ho in Concierge service is great
  • Flowingsea
    Nice hotel, good
  • angle2005tb
    Are satisfied with the hotel, good facilities, toilet, Super, restaurant opposite the hotel is very convenient, the taste is very good.
  • citycruser
    Good is more convenient and the environment is good, recommended!
  • e01882374
    Hotel good, hardware facilities is good, front desk service also good. but if to five star standard to measure words has points insufficient; 1, service; floors waiter times to room disturb, has once had only knock about will door and into, makes guest is surprised, despite is day guest may no longer room within also should more, a will, let guest has a reaction time; room of smoke taste too heavy should timely processing. 2, room facilities; bath of space is big, also has a tub, but layout notReasonable, shower, tub near the entrance, toilet outside the bath room door and got too close. 3, breakfast variety, but the layout is a mess, a class of foods not with guests looking for trouble.
  • bbjin
    Business trip
  • laoyang
    Second good
  • ma2020
    Hotel good location, breakfast not many
  • xuyuwang
    Hotel location was good, the traffic can also, fairly easy, and some restaurants around, very convenient to eat, room is larger, more comfortable. health is good, looks very clean and tidy. price and it is proportional to the comfort of the room,
  • Jwang_2005
    Good-is travel itinerary too didn't eat breakfast-
  • e00014458
    Hotel location is very good, the service is also very good, is renovated now looks old, especially the bathroom
  • E01065131
    Very good
  • benwoniu
    Friendly, facilities are relatively old, service okay. breakfast is really not worthy of five-star restaurants
  • e00238720
    A very good environment, good value for money.
  • bdy311
    Many times live, praise, cost-effective ultra-high
  • aci9157
    Hotel services very good Concierge welcome a new positive attitude and friendly decoration and cost-effective breakfast so-so
  • beibeixia
    It's OK
  • Andy0502
    Preferred hotel of Nanchang, and consistent quality of service, and on October 1 and check back again today! Deng Chen-ho and special thanks to the concierge staff warm and thoughtful service!
  • amnada3721
    Hotels are hygienic, service was very good, very patient, good facilities, traffic is also more convenient and recommended values for 5 minutes
  • jaiiwang
    I have stayed at this hotel was the third, a five-star hotel really is nothing, regardless of service, health, really good
  • mariannexl
    A bit noisy around, the environment. air conditioning not cool.
  • Maluer
    Must have praised about this between hotel of front desk summer Miss, I of eBook missed in room, I call to front desk description situation yihou, summer miss with has most fast of speed help I confirmed items of whereabouts, and active left I of sent sent address, information, then day on with express to I sent out has. good of service attitude and quality, praise a a. absolute of five-star hotel, five-star praise.